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Sunday, September 13, 2015

New PTU Kit ♰A Touch Of Magic♰ CT Inspiration-Sandra

Another Creative Team Inspiration Kit(s) Collection, which is
created for and inspired by Creative Team Member: Sandra O'Dare with
Sandra's Slammin Tutorials♥ : A Touch Of Magic
This is the 5th production of my CT Inspired Kits for my Creative Team.

Thank you so much for being a part of my Creative Team (Sandra O'Dare)​♥,
I'm truly honored to have you as a part of my team and also love
who you are as a person, and ohhhh have to luv that quirkiness and saucy attitude!!
You definitely fit into my little favorite short bus! Thank you, Jessica

Another fabulous theme which inspired me to create more! 
So enjoy the Sampler Mini Kit (download below) and pick up the
coordinating PTU Kit and PTU Clusters available at my store.

Each of my Creative Team was given a quote by me in the ways
that I see them in as a person, or per their personality quirks or
their creativity and/or style through, and the inspiration for that
mini kit would come from them and created by me :)

Sandra's Slammin Tutorials
 photo SandrasTutorials Blinkies_zpstk5s1qfa.gif

My Inspiration Quote to Sandra O'Dare
"It's in the mind that the world surrounds us in the most vividly way"~Gothic Inspirations Quotes©

Sandra's Inspiration to me:
"1st thing that comes to mind seeing it is Reading.
Building a world inside your mind from the words you see in the book. It can be any kind of world but I love vivid colors and fantasy like fairies"
Name Of Kit: A Touch Of Magic

Love the PTU Kit: A Touch Of Magic? Their is more!
Checkout the Coordinating
PTU: A Touch Of Magic Clusters available at my
Gothic Inspirations Store

The FTU Sampler/Mini Kit can
be picked up on my blog HERE

Or it's included with the PTU A Touch Of Magic Kit, for ease of access.

"It's in the mind that the world surrounds us in the most vividly way"
~©Gothic Inspirations Quotes


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