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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

♰Christmas Good Wish Spell♰

Remember the more you believe in your spell the more the powerful it will be. It's important to be very careful to define your intent properly, or else it may work in an unexpected way, spells can be influenced by your own thoughts and emotions, so it's important to follow through with your process to prepare yourself prior to spell casting and rid of any negative energy to focus your good energy into the spell.

If you need help in getting ready I usually go get yourself ready; meditate, ♰ritually bathe♰, center yourself, open your chakras or whatever you normally do to prepare for a spell. Put on the kettle and bring water to a boil. While it is boiling, add 1/4 apple, 1 cinnamon stick and a pinch of thyme leaves to the cup. Add honey if you need your tea sweetened as you will be drinking this through out. Pour in the boiling water and stir. Light the candles.

Completed If Needed? :)

Start to Prep:
(No Full Moon is ok, use candles and focus on the positive light)

To do so, get two different colored candles, and light them.

You can pick your colors HERE: I used light Blue for "Inner Peace" and Tan for "Friendship", if you do not have these colors, see what you have and in color choices and see if they meet your positive intentions. I'm a white witch, and never wish ill harm, so focus on the positive energies.

1. Write down your wish, but also speak it out loud and state it as many times as you wish, (I don't believe in how many times, it's the Energy in = Energy out. You will feel the energy as you chant the spell/affirmation).

2. Tell the candles and the blessed spirits what you wish, why you want it, and why you think you should have it.

(use positive thinking and focus on the positive energy).

3. Create a simple affirmation that you can chant as you burn
the paper (your welcome to use mine) and let the brief smoke whips carry your wish to the heavens.

4. Plan to sip your tea through this entire thing.

Prepped & Ready? :)

Gothic Inspirations Affirmation
Christmas Good Wish Spell ©Gothic Inspirations

As Christmas comes to close, I'd like to
 provide a Good Wish Spell...my affirmation..
 For all of my friends, I surround you with
 positive thoughts, good health and happiness.

 For all of my friends that are no longer
 I wish you forgiving, peace and well wishing.
 For all of those still considering my friendship
 I may not deserve many chances but I can say
 start with a clean slate and please come my way.

 EXISTING, PAST & FUTURE, may you give another a chance
 Open your heart, forgive, let go, cherish the ones in your past.
 Memories Good or Bad, I embrace you, thank you for who I am today,
 and for that I'm thankful and wish only for guidance only my way.

 New Beginnings, as something once upon a time in my bright light
 along this long bumpy path, is exactly where we are meant to be,
 surround yourself with Happiness, Joy, Family
 & Friends on this beautiful Christmas Night. So Mote It Be.

*You've done wonderful if you followed my instructions. Believe.

On another thought:
Some of you may wonder why...that I a "Pagan" would do such a spell for Christmas, I grew up in a very religious family, as I found myself in my own way as a Pagan, I found my happiness in myself through mother natures earths many gifts that surrounds me, the animals for there incredible healing love and the elements as they drift around me, many of my current beliefs came from my how I grew up. This article may help you understand: Pagan Roots and a Christian and Pagan? article is also helpful.

Blessed Be. Jessica


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