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Friday, July 20, 2012

♰Random Ramblings♰

Sometimes in life you take risks, it's going to be a hit or miss.
You put yourself out there to be hurt and when your hurt,
*You shouldn't be suprised. (get over that)
*You shouldn't be angry (let that go)
*You shouldn't dwell on the hurt (forgive)
Tears may fall and you feel like you've just got burnt.
Broken doesn't even begin to explain, the heartache and pain.
When you fall, get back up again. Wash the dust off in the rain.
Everything happens for a reason, but it doesn't mean you have to like it.
You can dwell on what they are going through and hurt for them even.
The more you try to fix what wasn't meant to be, the more desolate you become.
Just accept the change and move on like you always do...
Find another way to make it through with or without you.
Life goes on either way, we can find hope in another day with tomorrow's sunrise.

Releasing Past Memories Spell

This is a spell to help you release memories of the past. While it's important that remember lessons we have learned from the past, it's not necessary to carry any negativity or ties from these memories. This... spell will help you release those.

 What You Will Need

 - Pen
 - Paper
 - Cauldron or something else you can burn paper in
 - Matches or lighter

 Find someplace comfy and write down on the paper the memories that you wish to release. When you write them out, next to the memory, write down any emotions you have associated with that memory. It's ok if you get emotional during this process. Once you are done writing. Fold the paper into threes with the writing on the inside. As you fold it visualize the memories being trapped within the paper. Put it in the cauldron and set the paper on fire saying the following:

"These memories that I keep
 Some have made me weep

 They no longer serve me
 Release them from my energy

 Take them away this night
 Take them away from my sight

 Release me from their ties
 Replace them with love and light

 On this day I let them go
 I ask you Goddess to make it so

 So Mote It Be"

 Watch the paper burn and envision the memories being taken away by the fire and the Goddess. Allow yourself to release them. When you are done bury the ashes somewhere off your property.

 Make sure you do a full grounding after this ceremony. If you know how to do a chakra cleansing do that as well.

Bright Blessings, Jessica

Spell by Wiccan Moonsong


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