"He crept into her heart seeking to devour her, but he was the one consumed" ~Dean Jackson
Every story has an end, but in life every ending is just a new beginning. ~Uptown Girls~

Thursday, January 20, 2011

♰Random Ramblings♰ AC


♰I find humor in the stupidness of others♰


Do you need help? Well don't come to me...
I'm now blocked off as all can be.
Do you need someone? Well don't call on me...
I've done all I can do to please.
Do you think I care? Might have at one point
but this road has come to it's end,
don't beg, don't plead don't act a friend,
as we all know this digital world
is the beginning of the end.
(c)Jessica Woods

Staring silently into the screen
wishing music would cover my screams
tears in my eyes, when I realize
all of it has been a loaded pack of lies.
Darkness abounds, deeping the pain
I want to break free from these restraints
No longer caring, no longer free
I'm blankly realizing all I can be
is me, walked apon and left to bleed.
(c)Jessica Woods


Ice cold Bitch she ended up to be
someone I thought was a friend to me.
Darkness, anger, a cold hard stone wall
rushes up to meet me in it all.
(c)Jessica Woods

Once a friend, now just your random creed
dripping wounds still bleed proufously
heartache, unbound, teasing me
as relentenly as all can be
Kick them when there down, laugh crazily
and know that yours will also be found.
Karma is stong in all it's worth
in unfound ways you will find your hurt.
(c)Jessica Woods


Steal, Hurt, Fight and Kill,
no peace will be your happy pill
You accept the anger and the hate
you'll find you've lost your best mate
Think you know but you really dont
you've lost something but keep your hate
Unknown fear takes its place, in your lonely world,
regrets replace the cold heart ache
losing those who really cared, darkness seaps in...
Cut your wrists and find your really scared.
Screaming out for all to hear, silence meets your fears,
finally the end has neared, take that last breath
through your tears your fate has cleared.
(c)Jessica Woods


Nita January 23, 2011 at 11:08 PM  

Whoa! This is poetic justice and exceptionally beautiful! You should write more often Jess, I love it<3

Gothic Inspirations January 26, 2011 at 10:19 AM  

Thank you so much Nita! Fucking LOVE YOU hun! Xox Jess

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