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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Attention CU4CU License Holders: VIOLATIONS

**UPDATE** 09/09/2010
After violations of my CU4CU License. I am no longer offering it for sale.
I've had to revoke one for two violations over these last 8 months,
another I've worked out the misunderstanding with.
Those of you that have my license please respect my terms of use is all I ask.
Please do not share my work and please do not transfer CU4CU rights.
I've always stated if you have any questions just ask. Thank you.


Purchasing my license DOES NOT give you right to resell my work as CU4CU!! ONLY AS CU.

My agreement per my Terms Of Use state clearly that you may not resell with those uses, this includes getting your own CU4CU License that you sell to others unless a personal agreement has been made with me.

MY T.O.U. STATES: You may NOT transfer CU4CU rights to your customers, only CU rights view HERE, and also was stated and included SEVERAL TIMES in the files you have recieved with my LICENSE, look at my TERMS OF USE: Gothic Inspirations.


I just saw one of my CU Holders has a CU4CU License, with NO PRIOR agreement with me.

This is your only warning. EITHER remove your service of a CU4CU License OR AGREE THAT YOU WILL USE NONE OF MY WORK in your creations or your license will be revoked. And many CU License Holders have this in their Terms Of Use as well, in which I've made agreements with them myself.

I did not give you permission for this use.

SPECIAL PERMISSIONS & AGREEMENTS HAVE BEEN GIVEN ONLY TO: Created By Jill Scraps, Creationz By Jo, Grunge & Glitter, Digicats (& Dogs), Anti Social Distortions and Majik Of Mystee Designz!!
CU4CU Holders that have my license for Card Designer Services: THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU. As it's printed JPG formats, thanks guys.


Gothic Inspirations September 7, 2010 at 12:20 PM  

Mystee has been given special rights as well. Here: http://intoxxikatedintentionz.blogspot.com/

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