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Monday, April 12, 2010

My Update: Random Ramblings on a Monday Morning!


Hi everyone! Happy Monday, errrr PUKE! Lol. Can't stand Mondays. But I actually got to sleep in today so I took advantage, so it can't be all that bad. Well aside from the tanks drills booming and shaking the whole house, I don't have quite that bad of a headache.

A lot is going on lately, I've been busy trying to get my Scrapping World Organized, as it's been a mess...lol! Taking much longer than I expected. Lol.

Creating new stuff, CU & PU including 1 new CU Grab Bag and several PU Kits that will be out in my Gothic Inspirations New Store on or by the 15th! That's only a few days away for you to wait...he..he.

I wrote a little funny random ramblings rhyme today for my good friend Missy as she is sick. Here:

Got a cold, more miserable than the average flu

so depleted, It's no wonder I feel like complete poo

Coughing, hacking, Flem up the yim yang

Grrr..can't even answer the damn phone ring

Swear I catch everything, and tired of this crap

think I might flip just at a drop of a hat...

So take fair warning girls, as Missy is back in here

make sure things run smooth or keep your ass clear.

(c) Random Ramblings by Jessica Woods

Highlight of the beginning of the week: My favorite pooch lying on his back his fuzzy belly out to the world, just hoping for a belly scratch.

Pet Peeve of the beginning of the week: People who just refuse to help themselves.

Scrap Mention of the week: Naughty Items! Templates by Toni (Toni's Scraparoni), especially love the bound handcuffs at Sophisti Scraps

CT Mention of the week: Dianna with Di Before Dawncreated a wicked new tutorial called: Delusional. I've put this tutorial on my new store front along with the kit as it's on special for only $2.00!

Alright off to get creative!


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