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Monday, February 15, 2010

Random thoughts of the day...


Huge thank you for all the thanks I've received for my freebies today. That feels so awesome. :) Ok I haven't done much randomness lately, so here goes.

I ate some really hot homemade salsa today, and my tummy won't stop burning. But in some weird twisted way, I just want more. Have to love habanero peppers. I also made Homemade Baked Mac&Cheese yesterday and it was fabulous today as leftovers. What kind of box mac and cheese tastes good the next day? NONE. So it is so worth it to me to create homemade here on out.

I saw some really wicked Gothic lace overlays the other day, and a friend showed me were to get them! And I have to say they are pretty awesome. Kimmies Kreations, there are 3 packs of them and you can get them here: Sophisti Scraps.

Pet peeve...I'm not sure why all Designers do not stick everything that might come in their kit or CU, including T.O.U. into ONE main folder before zipping it. Otherwise it unzips all these elements loosely, and things get lost and they are just everywhere. For instance I have some CU on my drive, but being it unzipped without being in a folder, I can't properly credit it, and many of them do not have Designer's info in that file name. So I can't really use it as it isn't fair to the Designer that created it. Just really frustrating. Either that or I'm just lazy and do not want to stop everything and go a create a special folder for that Designer that I just downloaded. But at least now I've learned my lesson, and I know what to look for before zooming along unzipping...Lol.

I guess Federal Holiday means NO payday for me. That sucks but there is always tomorrow!

Anyways not much else to mention today! LMAO. Did I waste enough time here? Peace out biaatches!


Nita February 16, 2010 at 4:53 AM  

Homemade mac & cheese is the bomb! oh & you should do "random" more often, it's so much fun lol.

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