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Sunday, November 22, 2009

CT Update Please Read and A Me Update...lol

I owe huge apologies to my CT! I will have all your work up tomorrow and wow talk about fab goodies! WoOt! You guys are just awesome, THANK YOU.
Remember those of you that I haven't heard from in while, please check in with me if possible, just let me know your alive!! :)

Anyways, I can't believe how long it took me today just to get up the two tuts I had and the kits I was behind in posting in the stores.

I plan to move two tuts a day from here on out to my new tut site as well, that way it's just not overwhelming. I have about 5 up at my new tut site right now...and will have Thanksgiving Blessings and a few seasonal ones up just before the Holidays. I had a brain fart a week and half ago and posted Autumn Blessings when it was requested Thanksgiving Blessings...sorry!! If you would like to check out my new site you can visit here: Gothic Inspirations Tutorials By Jessica, I'm so proud of it! But I have to thank YARROW, as she created it for me, and she went above and beyond and it ROCKS!

I also hope to have all my friends/tut writers linked tomorrow as well. Cross your fingers for me as this wireless kind of really really sucks...lol. But Tuesday is looking good between 8-10 a.m. Don't you love the two hours windows? They are so much better than the four hour windows...LMAO. Sigh, the things that make me happy.

Missing your freebies? Don't worry I have 4 Blog Trains that are due on December 1st! Trust me you will get your fix! And...a new GOTHIC Christmas freebie will be coming soon with a huge surprise, not one but two will be creating this wicked duo...anyone want to guess who is joining me for this one..he..he...I am thrilled over it, Mazie you can't participate as you know, so shhh my ho...LMAO.


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