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Monday, August 31, 2009

New Freebie kit ♥Indian Summer♥

This kit will be available for free for only a limited time: 15 days, starting on September 1st for my September Gothic Inspirations Blog Trains!! Please say thank you if you snag!

I'm sorry this has expired! All my blog trains are limited time freebies, check for the next one though, coming on October 1st: Hallows Eve. Indian Summer now available at my stores for only $2.00!

Previews of my Indian Summer Kit below:

This second portion of my Indian Summer kit is created for Justine since she can not make this blog train due to family issues and I want to do this for her. Still visit her blog and see her talent and amazing work!

I'm sorry this has expired! All my blog trains are limited time freebies, check for the next one though, coming on October 1st: Hallows Eve. Indian Summer II is now available at my stores for only $2.00!

And Preview of my Indian Summer II Kit:


Jessica with: Gothic Inspirations <----YOU ARE HERE.

Julie with: Bits N Bobs

Jill with: Created By Jill

Sky with: Sky's Scraps

Nita with: Anti Social Distortions

Jen with: GF Designz

I've posted a share for Justine, as she is going through some family issues, link is up above, but please visit her blog to check out her work.
Justine with: PSP Addict

Pia with: Digital Blue Print

Alyssa with: Alyssa's Scraps & Such

Judy with: Winter's Loft

Sarah with: Pimp My Tags With Scraps

Laura with: Laura's Designz

Natasha with: Sticky Kisses Designs

Dianna with: Digicats (& Dogs)

Kelly with: Designs By: Kelly

Auri with: Distinctively Auri


New FTU kit ♥Camping Trip♥

This kit will be available for free for only 15 days, starting on September 1st for Bits N Bobs Back To Nature Blog Train!! Love this theme Julie, thank you!

Please say thank you if you snag.

I'm sorry this freebie has now expired, but look for the next train freebies on Oct 1st: It will Breast Cancer Awareness!! Camping Trip is now available for only $2.00 at my stores.

I called this kit: Camping Trip. Preveiws Below.

Train station
Bits N Bobs
Seachell's Scrapz
Digicats (and Dogs)
KnC Scrapz
Sophisticated Simone
Felice original
Jennie D Designs
Digital Blueprint
Distinctively Auri Scraps
Gothic Inspirations <-----You Are Here.
Tagging Angels & Scraps
Winters Loft


New kit ♥Gothic Total Disorder♥

This kit will be available for free for only a limited time of 15 days, starting on September 1st for the Total Disorder Blog Train!! Please say thank you if you snag! Hugs, Jessica

I'm sorry this freebie has expired, but snag 70's Disfunction freebie, available now, and look for new freebies on October 1st!

Now Follow the Blog Train!!


Creative Intentionz
Truly Toxic
Gemini Creationz
Tracy Did It
Cazie's Designs
Kolor Scrapez
Tyger Tidbits
ZiggyFan Scraps
Gothic Inspirations <------YOU ARE HERE
Caravan Gypsy
Auri Scraps
Tags & Stuff
Missy Lynn Scraps & Tuts
My Juicy Bits
Arty Pharty
GF Designz
Jenny's Designz
Sassy's Imagination


WoOt! It's train time....

I'll be posting up links here in a minute! Three Blog Trains, and so many talented designers! Whoohoo!


Simply Put...

Just a heads up and simply put: If you do not like who I am, that is on you. I support other designers in protecting there work. Plain and simple. I'm not about uglyness or nastiness, you take it how you would like in how you treat others.


New Tut by Lovely Creations ♥Dark Moon♥

Lovely my newest CT Member just created this new dark tutorial: Dark Of The Night Kit. Thank you so much for an amazing tutorial Ann!!

Lovely Creations.

PREVIEW OF ♥Dark Moon♥

You can purchase my Dark Of The Night kit here by clicking on a blinkie below to shop now!
SWA Designer
SWA Designer


New Tut by Rose ♥Dr.Evil♥

Rose had this tutorial prepared for me over two weeks, and I didn't see it! That is how crazy my life was during these last two weeks of my work. I'm so sorry hun! And I LOVE THIS TUT!

Rose created this dark and evil tut called: Dr. Evil from my PTU Dr. Evil kit. Thank you for an amazing tutorial Rose!!

Roses Tuts N Tags.


Click on a blinkie below to shop now for my Dr. Evil kit!
SWA Designer
SWA Designer


New Tutorial by Me ♥Twilight Tears♥

This tutorial was created using an amazing kit called "Twilight" By Sky. Thank you Sky for sharing your talent hunnie!
You can find this kit here:

Sky's Scraps Designs
Or visit Sky's Blog here:
Sky's Scraps

To try out this tutorial now, click the link below...

Non Animated:


Sunday, August 30, 2009

♥Welcome Lovely Creations: New CT Member♥

Thank you much Ann for joining my personal CT Team! Visit her today and see her beautiful work which includes Layouts, Tags & Tuts! Love your work, hun. Beautiful style. You can visit her blog below, by just clicking the blinkie


Sunday, August 23, 2009

New PTU kit ♥Summer Vacation♥

I know, I know summer is almost over for us adults! But this mini kit was a promotion and now for sale. It's on $2.00 at my stores. Cute & Funky!

Just click the blinkies below to visit a store
SWA Designer


Awards~♥Thank you Susan,Mazie & Julie♥

Thank you Susan, Mazie, and Julie for the award and thinking of me.

Here are the guidelines for accepting the award:
1 - Display the prize.
2 - Link to the Blog from whom you received it.
3 - Nominate another 10 blogs.
4 - Leave a message for them on their blog.

1. Natasha
2. Sky
3. Justine
4. Nita
5. Missy Lynn
6. Butter
7. Lori
8. Laura
9. Loz
10. Alyssa


Friday, August 21, 2009

New Pressie from Chichi

ChiChi made a wicked new tag out of my DARK OF THE NIGHT kit! Thank you so much Cindy.

You can purchase this kit at any store below, just click on the blinkie you would like. :)
SWA Designer
SWA Designer



Monday, August 17, 2009

New ♥Quick Pages♥

Whoohoo! I did my first Quick Pages! I used Erin's fabulous kit called:Hot Tottie!! She will have these Full Size QP's for sale soon if you want them. So be sure to check back.

You can snag Hot Tottie!! under SIS Designs, just click the blinkie below:

Previews below!
I did them two different ways...
QP Number 1:
This is My favorite baby: Kilo

Want goth? Here you go...

Now QP Number 2:
Me with a puppy the other day...

And the goth way:


New CU ♥Tombstones♥

NEW CU TOMBSTONES!! 3 Full Sized Tombstones, 1 Grass/Lawn and 1 "RIP" Word Art. 1 Tagger Sized Tombstone Scene. Visit any of my stores below to purchase. Just click a blinkie.

SWA Designer
SWA Designer

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