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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

♥Airs Of Spring♥ Blog Train FREEBIE!!

Abba Dabba Scraps has started a blog train, a few talented designers came through for these beautiful creations!! This blog train is kicking off in several hours, and I'm going to post mine now, because I am so tired and won't make midnight!!

Please say Thank You if you snag!!

SNAG MY PORTION HERE: GothicInspirations_AirsOfSpringBT09.zip

SWA Designer

Previews of everyone else's contributions here:


Follow this train to visit and snag the rest of the blog train on the 1st!!

Angel's Designz
Abba Dabba Scraps
Amber's Portion also on: Abba Dabba Scraps
The Cat's Meow
Candy's Treasures
Boonie Scraps
Tabby's Digi Designs
Designs By Foxylady Creations
This Complicated Life
Humbug Graphics Galore
Gothic Inspirations <----You Are Here!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Tut By Me ♥Jai Ho♥

To go try this tutorial now, click the link below...


Non Animated:


This tut was created with my ♥Jai Ho♥ Kit and can be purchased at any of my stores. Click on a blinkie to puchase.


New Tut By Me ♥Passion♥

This tutorial used one of Sky's scraps called "Passion"

To go try this tutorial now, click the link below...


Saturday, April 25, 2009

CU Freebie ♥Sea Shell Frame♥

Any Commercial Use Item of mine that is a FREEBIE has to have credit given to me. Please read my TOU included with the frame.

If you like this, check out my CU PTU Sea Shells below in my last post!
Please say thank you if you snag my freebie! Download Here:



Thursday, April 23, 2009

New CU Freebie: ♥Goth Frame♥

Two Ribbon wrapped single frames & 1 plain. Commercial Use ok.

Any CU FREEBIE item of mine requires credit. If you like this, I have double+ frame in my new CU PTU Goth Element Bag!!

Please say thank you if you snag! Download here:GothicInspirations_CUGothFrameFreebie.zip


♥8 Things About Me♥

Both Dianna and Jessica Have tagged me in the "8 things about me post!! So here we go!

8 things I am looking forward to:

1. My week ending!
2. See my kids again at the end of the day (my kids are the furry kind)
3. Create a new scrapping kit.
4. Having a big ol' burger on the BQ tonight
5. Pulling the dang weeds in the front yard...yep I want too!
6. Kissing my boyfriend after not seeing him all day.
7. Watching the 3 episodes I've missed of Desperate Housewives.
8. Going back to sleep.

8 things I did yesterday

1. Ate at On the Border for my work thing.
2. Worked my ass off
3. Had major butt aches from sitting all day.
4. Finished off my Goth Element Grab Bag.
5. Hugged my favorite Dog: Kilo
6. Watched the Rescue I missed on Tuesday...it was weird.
7. Had an interesting day at work.
8. Cleaned the kitchen to cook dinner and then cleaned it after.

8 things I wish I could do

1. See my parents in Montana one last time.
2. Get my hair cut.
3. See a dermatologist over my skin. I have really fair skin and need to be checked out for skin cancer, I'm a little worried over several things for several years now.
4. Not have my period anymore, it causes my endometriosis to act up, and I miserable a lot. Just get it out!
5. Go to an exotic place at least once in my life. Jamaica or Cabo anyone?
6. Have a deck built out back for entertaining. Have the skilled man to do the labor for it, but no $ for the supplies for it. Landlord isn’t interested in it, just his lawn.
7. Meet several of my friends I've met over the years on My Space and on the net. Crazy? Maybe but I've found some wonderful friends.
8. Buy my own house and quite paying rent...I'm really tired of it.

8 shows I watch
Rescue Me
Desperate Housewives
Men in Trees
Lipstick Jungle
The Office
I think that is it!! Aside from the news.

8 people I'm tagging
Suzanne (Girl do it on MySpace)
Keysa (Girl do it on MySpace)
Diane: Candy's Treats
Jill with: Created By Jill
Sky with: Sky's Scraps
Justine with: PSP Addict
Dreamy with: Just Dreaminn
Stacy with Stacy's Scraps


New!! CU ♥Gothic Elements Grab Bag 1♥

You can purchase my new CU Grab Bag at any of my stores! 16 Elements with several extra colorized elements for a total 23 Total Commercial Use Elements! Catch it on sale right now at most of my stores at 50% off!!
Click on a blinkie below to shop now!
SWA Designer
SWA Designer


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Save 25% off at Scraps with Attitude with this coupon below!!

SWA Designer


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

♥New Award♥~Thank you Tabby

Tabby gave me this beautiful award, thank you hun!

I would love to pass this on to three talented artists!
Ali: Designs By Ali
Vicky: VMoore Designs
Shelly Scrapper Girl Designs


Merging Sale!! ♥Scapping Out Loud♥

Save 50% now in Scrapping Out Loud's Moving Sale!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Pressie From ♥LuLu♥

LuLu created this taggie as a pressie for me!! She created this from my ♥Bleed Me Dry Tutorial♥ Thank you so much hun! ~Please note this taggie by LuLu was created with two different kits,but stunning neverless!!

Visit Lulu's site here:
LuLu Designz


New Tut by my girl Jessica ♥Wilting Heart♥

New Tutorial by Jessica with Jessica's LaLa Land formaly Twisted Euphoria!!

Please visit my CT Blog here: Gothic Inspirations Creative Team!!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Tut by Missy Lynn ♥Wings Of Fantasy♥

Missy Lynn with Missy Lynn's Desired Tuts created a new tutorial called: Wings Of Fantasy.

Please visit my CT Blog here: Gothic Inspirations Creative Team!!


New Colab ♥The Future's Bright For Cora & Diane♥

Both Cora & Diane have lost so much with there computers crashing, I'm not sure they were able to save much if anything at all.

So I wanted to join in on this effort to help them out!! All proceeds will be split between the designers to help them in so many ways...not only create but to see that we all do care! 29 Designers have come together just in this store to help them out!! Huge Collab.

You can purchase the Collab here at StarGazer Scraps.

My portion of the Colab Preview:


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two New Awards!! Thank you Stacy & Abby!!

I've recieved these awards before, but they are so appreciated by those who share them and pass them along! Thank you so much guys for thinking of me. Hugs, Jessica

Be sure to check out each one of there blogs, as they are very talented and inspiring artists!
Stacy with
Stacy's Scraps
gave an I love your blog award!

Abby with
Abba Dabba Scraps
gave me a treasured friend award!

I'd like to pass these two awards on to several close friends even though they may have these too, but I wanted you guys to know your being thought of!!

Jessica with: Jessica's Scraps Thank you for your friendship over the years and always being there for me, I find that every day I'm grateful to just to have you in my life, your like the sunshine that comes through the edge of my blinds in the morning, it always gives me hope even though it pisses me off I have to start a new day and keep on trying! So thank you for always being my light.

Jill with: Created By Jill Jillie Bean, you surpise me every day, and I love that your able to do all you do with those kids and still able to chat with me and create your beautiful work!!

Diane: Candy's Treats Hun...I can't thank you enough for your wonderful friendship and your beautiful work.

Justine with: PSP Addict Girl, you have seen me through it all, and I love you and think your the best, I'm grateful to know you all these years and have you in my life!

Sky with: Sky's Scraps Hun, I couldn't live without you always making me laugh and your inspirational work. Thank you for your friendship!

I have so many of you that even though I may have not linked up, that I appreciate and love and I hope you all know that!!


New Tut by Dreamy ♥Contemplating♥

Wow!! This tutorial is just stunning!! Thank you so much Dreamy!

You can find the Tutorial Here:

Visit Dreamy's Blog here:

This tutorial was created from my Bad Diva Kit. This can be purchased here:


New PTU Kit ♥Jai Ho♥

WoOt!! A new kit finally! I've been running into exhaustion mixed with creative block, yeh...you guessed it that isn't fun. But I happen to love my latest kit, and I've been working on it for a week! So I hope you like it too! 88 Elements and 22 Papers.

You can puchase my ♥Jai Ho♥ PTU kit at any of my stores below. :)
SWA Designer



PSP Gal trying to Use Photo Shop! Help!!

I've bought quite a few actions, and then have installed Photo Shop 7. I finally figured out how to run the actions but it say's I'm missing commands. Commands that are logical! Like Merge Layers or Contract. Normal things that Paint Shop Pro would just have. So to say the least my actions do not work right.

Has any one ran into these issues? Can anyone help? Or make suggestions? I've paid alot for these actions and have now invested in Photo Shop and I can't use them. :(


Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Tutorial By Me ♥Bleed Me Dry♥

To go try this tutorial now, click the link below...


This tut was created with my original Bad Diva Kit and can be purchased at any of my stores. Click on a blinkie to puchase.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Tutorial By Me ♥Bad Diva Style♥

To go try this tutorial now, click the link below...


Bad Diva II can be purchased at any of my stores. Click on a blinkie to puchase.

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