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Monday, February 2, 2009

Join Jill's Challenge!! I'm in!!

Jill is having a challenge!! Feel free to download the bag that she provided but please send her your results. I know her kits are amazing, so this is a worthy and fun challenge.
My taggie from this:

Here's a big Valentine themed challenge for
you creative taggers out there!

Inside this bag are lots of goodies:
1 template, 1 mask, 1 font and 1 mini tagger size scrapkit!
(well, mini compared to Jill's normal kits!)

Now here’s the challenge:
All of the elements and papers in the kit are greyscaled!


I have provided a color palette for you to use to colorize your papers and elements with.

Here are the rules:

1. You MUST incoporate the template, mask and font provided in the supplies

2. You must use the color palette to colorize* your elements and papers
*if you do not know how to colorize Jill has provided
a mini tutorial at the bottom of this posting

3. Except for the frame wraps, bows and frames, you must incorporate at least 90% of the elements into your tag!
(but feel free to use any frames as elements and all the bows!)

4. Tags can be either animated or non animated

5. No tuts can be used (this is a challenge...remember?)

The winner of this challenge will receive:

Jill's new PTU MEGAKIT “Sweet Spring”
in your choice of Full Size or Tagger Size!
(which Jill is not quite finished making yet cuz it's a biggie)

All entries should be emailed to Jill HERE
no later then February 10

Please put “Mystery Challenge Entry” in the subject line

On a serious note:
All items are for personal use only!
If you write a tutorial, please link mask, template and supplies
used to Jill's blog:

So who's up for a challenge?

Grab the Mystery Bag HERE !


from Jill


Colorizing Elements Tutorial:
(this is a tool I cannot live without!)

Open PSP

Click on View > Customize

ON the left side of the new window, click on All

On the right side, scroll down until you come to this icon

it will say Manual Color Correction
Click on it and drag it to your toolbar

To use it:

Click on the icon
Click on the source color box and use the eyedropper
to to pull the grey color
Click OK

Click on the target color box and eyedrop the color from
your palette in this case
(or any image if you're doing other stuff)
Click OK

Your element is now colorized!

If you have any questions, feel free to email Jill!


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